Filters and unisons

Not a bug, but either a design flaw or an incomplete feature. When a passage is selected where all notes are in two-notes unison, none of the “notes in chords” filter will work to select a single note from that unison for the purpose of deletion. In Sibelius, choosing top or bottom note would work. It’s a great tool for cleanup.

Do you mean all the notes are in a single voice, or are the unisons in separate voices?

I’ve just tried:

Unisons in separate voices can be filtered using Filter Voices - as expected.
Unisons in the same voice remain selected regardless of any of the Filter Notes in Chords options being selected. Logically that’s also expected, but not the behaviour we’re used to in Product A (or was it B).

What he said …

I’m not sure how we would best change what Dorico does to decide not to select these notes without having deleterious effects in other situations, since they are identical in pitch.

I understand, and that’s why I did not flag this as a bug. However, there really should be a tool available to select one note out of a unison. It is the only interval that is not “allowed” to be selected, and selecting every single note out of long passage is uselessly time consuming when one thinks that ANY other interval would allow the user to select a single note.


Would be great to have a filter for this!