Final Fade

The intent here is to get a fade out on the final chord. It doesn’t have to be niente, but I would like it to get very quiet. I tried putting ppp at the end of the hairpin, but that didn’t help.

Certainly you will need to add some kind of final dynamic at the end of the hairpin. Human performers appreciate that too!

Thanks. I will add ppp at the end.

For the purpose of the mockup, I can put the export wav in an sequencer and fade it.

I find it depends on the virtual instruments you’re using as well as the expression maps whether or not ppp or even ppppp or p.possible will fully fade things out. Sometimes they do and other times not so much.

In cases like that I will either cheat a niente and hide it (esp. for a player who can’t quite do niente), or manually draw the automation in the key editor on the dynamics, CC1, or CC11 lanes. Usually one of these steps will fix it.