Final mix rendered wrong

When I mix stereo-out to wav, the wav doesn’t sound like my project when I play it back inside the DAW. In the wav, EQ sounds off at least. Why?

How do I trouble-shoot further? Is there any way to turn my song into a wav file so it can be heard by people without the project file?

Because you are doing something wrong.

You’d need to provide a lot more info of your setup, plugin chain, and export process, screenshots etc, for any one to be able to begin to help. I know it can be frustrating, but it usually turns out to be something simple.

At least I don’t have time to make comments like that on the internet, that’s one thing I have going for me.

All the tracks have been frozen, so no plugins are working at the time of the final render. Export process: File -> export audio -> wav. What should I post a screenshot of? I post lots, but only when I know what people might want to see. “I know it can be frustrating.” I’ve been producing for forty years, a DSP developer, and a beta-tester; I think I understand the emotional aspects. I’m just trying to solve the technical problem.

This has never happened to me with Reaper, Reason, or FLS; so why do you assume the issue is me? Where can I hear your music?

Are you automating the bpm in your project? I had a project where Cubase would miss a note shortly after a bpm change in the rendered mix but play it when I would hit play.

I think it would help if you could do a video that shows the issue.

There is so much arrogance in this forum…

The arrogant ones never produce decent music. I don’t know how to video a wav file. I would like to post more info, but there are so many things I could post videos and screenshots of, it would take a lifetime to post them all, so hoping for more specific ideas.

I’m on Windows and I use It’s nice because it allows me to record the soundcard output. In my experience, producing a video is not very time consuming and they help developers (they need specific instructions to be able to reproduce the problems and they need to make sure it is not due to something else).

Are you using control room? Make sure you’re not routing to the stereo out and monitoring in control room at the same time.

Thanks, but C.R. is off (I checked).

Now I’ve inserted MRecorder at the end of the chain, and the recording I capture their is wrong too. I’m baffled.

This is indeed a strange one. By your responses you appear to know you’re way around a DAW. I was assuming it was likely a newbie issue. Since I don’t know your setup and if it includes any external hardware, it’s very difficult to say, as I’ve not had a similar issue. As suggested, you’d ned to outline as much a you can about your setup and videos, where possible, of you process and settings can also be really helpful. I hope you’re able to figure it out.

It was a newbie issue. Windows turned on its bass-enhancements, which I’d turned off, and that seems to have been the problem. Sorry for my disposition. I composed this in a second, spent a day working around technical issues, every day, many companies.

Yeah i see (saw) what kind of comments you make on the internet - speaks for itself…

Telling someone he is doing something wrong is not really arrogance. Believing it is everyone else´s fault but yours is rather.

Great you got it sorted. Things like that can trip you up and can be so frustrating.

Okay? I’d I haven’t seen your comments, because you don’t matter to me enough for me to search for them.

I have an idea of what helps developers, because I am a developer. Videos are over-recommended by users on DAW forums. That’s my opinion as two-time Electronic Musician Editors Choice Award winner (teams I was on). Videos are over-prescribed by non-developers, imho. I have Camtasia, it takes more time than “did you check control room?” / “yes”. Video is good when you know what you want to look at it. I’ve done beta testing very a great company that’s growing; few videos, more daw-projects exchanged, because often an exchanged DAW project allows the other person to reproduce or not quickly.

When I want to learn about a DAW feature or production technique, on YouTube, so many people rambling in their videos, didn’t take the time to edit out the rambling. I’d rather read a manual.

My attitude is not good, sorry, not changing, plus I just missed a full night of sleep; I don’t hang out on forums, come when I need tech support, try to get through it fast so I can leave the busy-bodies who fret about me behind.