Final nail in Cubase coffin?

I think I’m off to the dark side after discovering that I can’t upgrade my Cubase 6.5 to Pro 9 with an Educational discount despite the fact that I can buy the full version of Pro 9 for around £10 more than the upgrade!!! I messaged Steinberg four days ago but have had no reply as yet! Not good Steinberg!!! Upgrading Cubase is becoming way too expensive!!!

I don’t know about the situation with educational discounts but… Keep in mind that from v6.5 to 9, we are talking about 5 years of software development that you are effectively buying when you upgrade.

Updating cubase is fifty to one hundred bucks a year, or five to ten bucks a month. I spend more than that on guitar strings.

There’s no educational discount for upgrades, only for full versions. Upgrading actually turns your educational license into a regular license.

Keep in mind that Cubase has changed a lot since 6.5 and there’s plenty of useful new content, so the high price isn’t entirely unjustified. If you can’t afford to upgrade right now, just save for a while and if you’re lucky they might have a sale on upgrades in the meantime. I kinda doubt they’ll have one this year though.