Final note when Live recording

When recording ‘live’ input from a MIDI keyboard, Dorico doesn’t add extra bars. That’s fine, but it poses a problem for the final note. If I’m still holding the key down when the recording stops, the last note is not input. So I have to remember to release the key before the final bar, and edit the note length.

Am I missing a trick? If not, could Dorico include the note I’m holding down as the recording ends?

(I have to say, I’m loving Dorico’s real-time input. I’d kind of forgotten about it, as I was so used to Finale’s HyperScribe being hopeless. But it’s so fast!)

You’re not missing a trick, I don’t think. But I think Dorico can only input notes where it receives both a note on and a note off. I expect Paul will see this in due course but I don’t know whether it’s easy for us to change.

Is certainly something we could look at - I would expect it’s quite a simple change (that is: adding pending notes; extending the recording is decidedly non-trivial)

I suppose I can just add an extra bar before starting. :wink: