Final Output On Mixing Console

Hi All,
It’s a big jump from Studio 5 to Pro 9 so not quite a newbie but not yet caught up.
On the Studio 5 Mixer, the final output channel stays docked on the right side no matter where you scroll through the channel strips. This way I can keep an eye on the output channel level while making adjustments to all the other tracks.
Is there an option that will create this in Pro 9? Right now, it just scrolls (left/right) with the other tracks, effectively hiding it unless I scroll to the very end where it resides. As I can see, the control room function (which is also new to me) is disabled so I believe I’m just dealing with the main output.
Thanks for your thoughts.


Show the left zone of mixer and select the mixer zones tab. You can pin any channel/s to right or left

Thanks Grim! I’ll give that a shot next time I launch.

Launched and pinned it! Thanks for the help!