Final question for the day - "PLAY MODE"

Is the Play Mode currently useful for editing MIDI data or is it still largely under development?
Is pulling notes longer and shorter, and deleting the only functions PLAY MODE has or am I missing HOW to use it. Can I draw envelopes yet?

OK wait…Am I correct in this:

PLAY MODE allows me to add VST instruments on the right panel.
It provides a Piano Roll enabling me only to extend and shorten durations of notes
And then the usual Mute, Solo functions.
There is an eraser button,
and a “Before” and “After” view of one’s changes…

Is that it?! for the moment??

Does Play Mode SAVE changes I make in other VSTs…like PLAT for example?

OK…I’m done asking…thanks guys!

Yes, that is pretty much an accurate assessment. In Play Mode, you can load VSTs (or send MIDI out), map the instruments to these VSTs, design and define expression maps. The two views on the piano roll are not so much a before and after, but rather the notated duration and the played duration, which, as we know, can be quite different, as it is affected not only by the written articulations but also by other fluctuations implicit in the praxis of different playing traditions. Both can be adjusted: an adjustment in the piano roll while in Notated Durations mode will be reflected in the score. There is yet no way to edit envelopes yet.

The state of all VSTs is saved with the project.

Merci Monsieur!