Finale 26.3 to musicxml to Dorico 3.5

I have a large piece (choir and ensemble, 317 bars) originally written in Finale and would like to revise it in Dorico. When I bring the musicxml into Dorico everything is reasonably good (workable) for a few pages (bar 73), then the whole thing goes completely insane. Reading the forum I see that this is a known challenge but, as far as I can see, no real solution has been offered. I have tried changing the Dorico xml preferences but no luck. Even an 80% successful import would save me days of work. And I really don’t want to stay in Finale. Does anyone have any suggestions?

There are indeed a number of possible solutions, but it depends entirely on the specific problem you’re having. Can you be more specific? What elements are in the original score that are causing problems?

Hi Dan, pretty much everything is a problem. Some staves are empty except for dynamics, others empty except for lyrics. The content of many staves shifted out of synch.
Screenshot 1 shows the last “good” page then the problems start.
Screenshot 2 shows further along.

I would check around bar 191 whether there is any tuplet… Delete it and try to export to xml again. My experience is that “wrong tuplets” (although they look ok) are often the culprits, and deleting them (and recreating them in Dorico) is a very efficient solution.

  1. Make sure no bars are over- or underfilled. Use the “check region for durations” plugin to verify (it’s in Note, Beam, and Rest editing) - tuplets are ignored by this plugin, so those have to be checked manually. (very important, and the most common problem…)
  2. Make sure no Time Signatures has the “use a different time signature for display” option set.
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