Finale jazz font chord text problem

Very excited about the Finale jazz font in Dorico 5.
The chords look good at 10 pts but when you enlarge the font the chords loose alterations(b9) becomes (9) or C-7 becomes C7.
My work around is to use the Petaluma font.
Any Ideas?
Many thanks!
Scott Lytle

Welcome to the forum, Scott. Go to Library > Font Styles and check what font is chosen for Chord Symbols Music Text Font. That should be set to Finale Jazz as well.

that helped but now the minus sign in a minor seven chord is down at the very bottom. It looks like an under score,not a minus.

The glyph registration between Bravura and Finale Jazz isn’t the same in all cases, unfortunately. You should be able to improve matters via the Library > Chord Symbols dialog: enter a chord that contains the minus sign you’re concerned about into the top left input field in the dialog so you can add it to the list of project overrides on the left. Select the chord there, and you’ll then see the components that make up the chord symbol on the right: select the minus in the grid below the chord symbol and click the pencil icon to edit it. Now you can position the minus where it makes sense vertically, and when you confirm the dialog, all chord symbols in the project will now use your updated minus sign position.