Finale Maestro font not working properly

I have the Finale SMuFL fonts installed, and I want to use Finale Maestro. After setting it to that, I noticed that the chord symbols flats and sharps just continued to be in the Bravura font.
I tried to manually set the “Chord Symbols Music Text Font” to Finale Maestro (also tried Finale Maestro Text) but it’s still Bravura.

I tried to remove the Bravura font entirely from my computer. Then, the flat symbol in the chord just turns to a blank character. That would tell me that there’s something wrong with my Maestro font, but after looking at the character map for the font the flat symbol is there, so I don’t know why Dorico doesn’t find it.

Why is it trying to find the symbol in the Academico font? I can manually place it when selecting there the proper Finale Maestro font:

I have Finale v27 installed, don’t know it that could cause any conflict. I just switched from Finale to Dorico and don’t know a lot about Dorico, so I don’t really understand how all of this works.

Really liking Dorico though. After using Finale for a long time, now I see just how outdated it is when compared to Dorico. But I would like to continue using the Finale Maestro font.

It’s quite likely that Finale Maestro doesn’t have the specific accidentals that Dorico wants to use for chord symbols, which are in this range here:

So is there any solution or workaround to this?

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, use Bravura Text for that font style rather than Finale Maestro.

That’s not a good idea. Dorico ‘falls back’ on Bravura if the current music font doesn’t have the specific character required. If anyone sends you a Dorico project, it’s likely it will be in Bravura to start with.

Note that Finale’s “Text” fonts e.g. Finale Maestro Text – is just a text font, with NO or very few music characters; whereas “Bravura Text” is a copy of Bravura, with all the symbols designed for insertion into lines of text.

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