Finale MusicXML Export?


Since I started using Dorico when it first came out, I no longer have a working copy of Finale. I now find myself needing to edit an old piece that was done in Finale — but without a working copy of Finale, I can’t figure out how to get the piece into Dorico.

Does anyone know of a free utility or anything that will convert a Finale file into MusicXML? I know the Finale format is proprietary, but perhaps there’s some trick about which I do not know…

Thank you!
Julian Bennett Holmes

If all else fails, and you’re comfortable with sending me the file, I’ll do the conversion for you. Send a private message.

Likewise, I can also export MusicXML from Finale if need be.

Thanks so much! I’ll try using Notepad, and if that fails I’ll definitely ask for your help.