Finale's JW Relative Meter Change equivalent?

Hello everyone!

Is there a way to get that kind of proportional metric transformations?
Thanks by advance!

Good news! Dorico’s notation is not locked into bars like Finale and Sibelius. So feel free to just change the meter. The notes, including ties and tuplets, are automatically rewritten to appropriate values. (And respacing is also automatic.)

(P.S. Someone tell Jari there is a typo at the bottom of that dialog.)

No, there isn’t a way to do the sort of proportional transformation shown in your screenshot of the JW plugin.

Changing the time signature in Dorico changes just the time signature (though it’ll rhythmically respell the note and beam groupings so that they correctly match the new time signature) . It may be that Write > Edit Duration > Double Note Duration and Halve Note Duration help, but it’s not a one-click process as in JW Relative Meter Change, and it won’t necessarily alter the lengths of rests.

Thanks @pianoleo and @Mark_Johnson!
The Halve/Double Note Duration seems to be the way but it’s indeed a bit risky with the rests… Perhaps a feature for the next update @dspreadbury? :innocent:

Which is why performing this operation on a copy of the file is almost mandatory, unless one likes to live dangerously.

It’s risky with rests but catastrophic when it comes to tuplets.