Finalising Songs

Ok Guys,

apologies for newbie talk in advance!

Just to give you a quick debrief, i work long hours, and have a wife and kids to care for. My free time is limited, and don’t want to spend it watching youtube videos if i can help it, as that is my recording time.

So, i’m happy with my mixes, but when i export as an audio track, i don’t recognise the mix anymore. What am i doing wrong, or what is the basic protocol i need to be following?

For those who answered my previous questions about the Rode NT1-A mic, I’ve managed to capture amazing recordings with it! Many thanks again to all that answered me.


Are you doing any sort of limiting on your master bus after you’ve mixed (just before your final bounce)? If you don’t mix into any form of 2-bus processing as you work then stick a mastering limiter on it at the end that could explain why your final mix sounds different.

Opinion is always divided about whether you should or should not mix into any processing as you work but if your mixes are ending up sounding that different I’d certainly give it a try.

Experiment with running a couple of compressors on your 2-bus as you work, both only doing very little (1-2dB compression at absolute most) and see if that helps give you a bit of glue. Low ratio (2:1 or thereabouts) and medium attack/release.

You haven’t said what level you’re mixing to but it’s not always wise to mix with your meters banging away near 0dB. Mix to a lower level then get your gain from your mastering limiter. I usually give the mastering engineer at least 12dB of headroom but if you’re mixing to near 0dB already try -6dB to start and use your limiter to make it up - see if that helps any.

Thanks for the help buddy! Would you mind if i PM you, rather than ask newbie questions for all to see lol

I’ve PM’d your you my email addy.