Finalizing a sound?

I created a sound from a sample I recorded with Cubase.

I only use one Waveform of the complete sample. How to truncate the rest of the sample and disconnect if from the original wav file?

Did you try cutting that bit of waveform out in a regular editor in, for example in Cubase or Wavelab, prior to loading it into HALion? That’s what I would do with long files from which I only need a small bit…

I only dragged the sample from Cubase into Halion. Then defined the loop positions.
The thing is, how do you know where to cut, if you don’t have defined you loops? I think the normal way of doing this is to first set the loop markers and than cut away everything that is not needed.

I wonder why such a simple thing like cutting samples is not included in Halion. Every hardware sample has such a feature.

Export Samples -> tick -> “Trim Samples” & “Use Exported Samples”.

What do you mean by tick?