Finally 3rd party drag n drop in C7!

I can’t believe it actually works now!

Thank you Steinberg! :smiley:

EDIT: So far it looks like it only works with samples from Mediabay, not audio from the arrange window or pool…

Q: can you drag and drop from the pool?

HAH! brilliant ! thanks. I might actually start using Battery again now!

No unfortunately you still can’t drop n drop audio from the pool or arrange page. Only Mediabay to 3rd party VST.

Okay, thanks for the taking the time to reply!

It kind of makes you wonder what other features did Steinberg sneak in C7?

Hold on while I check to see if its possible to bounce in place/edit frozen tracks now too… :laughing:

OK so I just tried dragging n dropping from the Mediabay to VPS Metrum (the only non Native Instrument plugin I own that supports external drag n drop) and it didn’t work.

Can anyone with Geist or any other non NI sampler/drum machine plugin see if direct drag n drop from the Mediabay works? I hope its not just Native Instrument plugins that support drag n drop…

What’s the VST version of the plugin?

brilliant news.

but i use short circuit by Vember Audio, always had drag and drop…

I’m using the VST3 version.

In that case it’s probably the 3rd party who need to implement D&D (AFAIK drag and drop is bi-directional in VST3) rather than steinberg supporting it in an arbitrary manner, as what appears to be the case with the Native Instruments plugs.

is there a quick way to locate a file from the project page in the Media Bay ?

This isn’t working for me. When I drag from media bay to, for example, Battery it looks like it is moving or copying the sample but it doesn’t appear.
Are you sure dragging from media bay to non-cubase vsts is actually working? If so, have you any idea why it doesn’t work on my system?

works for me, do you have always on top enabled? that may be the reason?

dont understand why they wouldnt highlight this …

nice improvement.

Yup. Always on top is off in preferences. This is a pretty clean set up so I can’t see why it isn’t working. Maybe it isn’t highlighted because it’s flaky?
Thanks for the replies. Just tried again - not working.

Sorted. It looks like ubase won’t allow the dragging of VST Sound files from Media Bay into things like Battery. But it will allow dragging of non-VST Sound files. Understandable I suppose from a commercial point of view.
Still a pretty good development.
Thanks for you attention

I don’t think commercial imperatives play any role here.

Audio files are very complex data structures and require highly specific meta-information in order to be passed around the program in a stable and efficient manner.

+1, I want to know that too

At the end of the line we are only dragging around file pointers to locations (paths), whether it’s audio, MIDI, or whatever format. Complexity of the source file doesn’t matter as long as the receiving cliënt can read it.
I use Halion 4’s browser as alternative MediaBay (in Cubase 6.5) and I can drop any file (except the ones in VST containers) on Kontakt and Battery directly from that browser.