Finally a reply from Steinberg re Hub - but its ridiculous

Finally, after an 11 day wait, I got a reply to my ticket to Steinberg regarding my systems inability to get the connected via the hub - here it is in full I bet you cant wait!)

"Dear Mr …,
For using the Steinberg Hub I strongly recommend you of deactivating firewall, anti-virus software and using an Internet connection without routing.

Best Regards

Technical Customer Support

This is a serious answer!!!

So in order to connect to the Hub you have to reconfigure your internet, loose all security and get a new router???

Do I really need to say how ridiculous this answer is?


What feature of the hub do you want to use? It’s pretty useless, IMHO. I disable it.

Never had an issue with all of those things enabled, here.

you are not alone, I also got an incredibly reply today… I was told that to route many output we should use shift + command instead of shift + alt… :open_mouth:

Just let Cubase through the firewall as a safe application. Windows Firewall/Allow apps to communicate through Windows Firewall. Job done.

You contacted support for that…!? If so, they should charge more $$…

ok you didn’t get it…I’ll make it easier for you :wink:

as you should know to route many tracks to a group we are supposed to use shift + alt + click (as stated in the manual and also reported on the tooltip which appears when you hover the mouse over the output zone in the inspector…see attachment). Now, this is not working to me (and I am not alone). I contacted the support since it’s a real showstopper to my work and according to the guy who took care of my request, the way to route many track is to use shift + command…which naturally does NOT work.

Maincat -does not work here

Immortal: I just want to see what it does. Also I think it might be more useful in further updates.

It seems utterly ridiculous to me that Steinberg has allowed such juvenile programming (OK juveniles can do better than this remark withdrawn) through their system checks. Just how hard can it be to allow a webpage/cloud source to display through an app? And why, why, why does it have to dominate all monitors when it opens?

Steinberg are capable of incredible programming but sometimes they let the most obvious lemons out.

Steinberg have ont acknowledged this issue and it did not make it into the latest update. How hard can it be to make a window resizable?

Still no comment from the mods on this as far as I am aware?

All it does is link to the youtube channel and to news updates, nothing vital. More of a PITA than it’s worth, IMHO.

I now got into the habit of using the quick grouping feature. It does the same thing, plus more. Simply select the group of tracks and enable the quick group button. Then select the output. That’s not to say they shouldn’t fix this feature, btw.

Regarding the Steinberg Hub, I also disabled it the moment I saw what it did. Pretty useless to me, especially since it takes forever to connect and I rather press Ctrl+N or Ctrl+O to open my projects. Much quicker!

It took them 20 years to make the mixer resizeable…

I think that is in the top 10 worst tech support answers I’ve ever heard.