Finally able to use Cubase 7

I used 7.0.4 for around 7 hours yesterday without any major issues. Very happy for that. The mixer GUI issues seem to have been fixed and overall it feels very tight on my system.

Well done Steinberg!

No let’s have a few more key commands to improve Mix Console workflow. Thanks :slight_smile:



Well … gettin closer …
but still no cigar.

Just setting up my 3 mixers, takes about 10 minutes !
We urgently need a way to globally store mixer settings.

Not talking about all the other slowdowners.
Guess I’ll have to pay again, to step up from 6.5 …


Yes, there’s much improvement to be made here. Up to now I have also uses 3 mixers, but am changing the way I work to use just 1 and now use Mixer Configuration to show what is displayed. I’m hanging out for a Key Command to switch configurations.

Opposite experience for me…7.03 perfect, 7.04 whacked!!!