Finally! Dorico has come of age!

With the latest update to version 2.2, Dorico Pro has finally reached full maturity and I am ready to switch over, Bye bye to Finale (showing its age now), Sibelius (with the incredible silly and irritating subscription plan) and Overture 5 (never really satisfied my needs). I have just begun to explore Dorico fully and my first impressions are WOW!!!. This definitely is the notation powerhouse for the future. The developers of the other programs mentioned above should take notice (which they probably already does) because Steinberg means business with this one!

I have however noticed one strange thing regarding playback. Using a whitelist as recommended by Steinberg I have enabled the program to load some of my favorite instrument plugins which include Keyscape, Trilian, Omnisphere and Superior Drummer 3. When playing back it sounds like there is some kind of compression of the sound, making a strange pumping effect to the sound output. Has anybody else noticed this? It’s nothing that makes Dorico impossible to use but I still think it’s weird. I have not experienced this in any other music programs I use, including Logic, Mainstage, Reason or the programs mentioned above,

Anyway, I am thrilled that Dorico now is complete and contains all the basic functions that I need. I can’t wait to see what the roadmap have in store for us in the future. Keep up the good work guys!

Look in the Dorico mixer. There might be some audio processors in there that you don’t want.

Problem solved! There was indeed a compressor inserted in the output of the mixer. Thanks a lot for helping me!

The compressor is only there in the output channel to reduce the likelihood of clipping - I don’t think it’s a particularly high ratio. Maybe some of your plugins are quite hot in terms of output level?

I took the compressor away. Good riddance :slight_smile: