I got an email from ASCAP today that my 1st ever royalty payout is on the way. Its for a song I did in 2010 and was used on a Kardashian spinoff ,Khloe and Lamar. Not much money but confirmation in a way.I did a lot of submissions 2006 - 2010 thru Broadjam and Taxi and stopped as nothing seemed to happen. Not even sure how this song got to the Musical Director. I don’t even have a working link for it but will find/create one.

I’m shocked

Congrats! :sunglasses:

Well, that’s exciting! Give us a link. Congratulations!

Way to go, Mr. M!

Major congrat M,

Now that you have ‘arrived’, a great potential will always be lurking.

You never know who is going to hear your work
and use it in a situation where future royalty cheques
are way more substantial.

I still get (very small) royalty cheques from my disco
days of the '70s.

Good Luck!

Haha! Time for some cartwheeling. Congratulations!!! :sunglasses:

Nice, congrats!

Wow, how great. Cubaser makes good. Congrats !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats Mr M! :smiley:

Excellent! I hope this leads to bigger and better things to come. :sunglasses:



Congrats, M! :sunglasses:

Good show, Mr M.

Now you’ve got your foot in the door, who knows where this might lead for you?

Good luck! :sunglasses:

First of all, thanks to everyone for the support and kind words. The song that got used is a hip hop instrumental and can be heard here

As mentioned ,its in an episode of Khloe and Lamar, a spinoff of the Kardassians . I found it online and heard my song. Theres only about 15 sec being used and ironically ,I’d made a second version that cut out the intro: which is all they used. I guess its best not to second guess yourself. For those interested I got this placement through Broadjam: I guess I need to update them now. I also need a new website as I now use a Broadjam hosting template which is lousy. Anyone know a good website builder? Thanks again

It’s a great track!

I agree, even though hip hop is not my thang :sunglasses: .

Well done Mr M!


Congrats! there’s something really gratifying about a first royalty cheque. I took a digital copy of mine and keep it on file as a reminder :sunglasses:

Congrats Mr. M!

Cool congrats :smiley:

I so understand your excitement. Congratulations. For me the joy of a PRS cheque NEVER fades. :smiley: