Finally made it, new user question

I have Cubase Essentials 5 and I am needing help with this…

"Open the VST Connections window from the Devices menu.

  1. Open the External Instrument tab and click “Add External Instrument”."

I want to add my yamaha MM6 but I dont see the External Instrument tab anywhere in the vst connections window.

Any help ?


External instruments are not supported in your version.

Man that is a bummer. Finally saved enough to get this and I cant do the one thing I really wanted to do. Do U have any idea how much I would have to upgrade to get this feature available ? Any way to find out if U dont know ?

Thanks for the reply, I am so bummed out right now


It’s a full version only feature, IIRC. It should say in the manual “Cubase Only”. The Steinberg shop has the prices.

You can still use the device in your version, just not as an external instrument.

External instruments are not even mentioned in the “Essential 5” manual…

Just to be clear you can still record and utilize your external instrument within cubase essential without needing to set it up as an “external Instrument”

You will just need to manage the external synth manually.

Couple questions for you

are you using the usb connection for your midi i/o or are you hooked up to a midi interface and using ports to route the midi via the midi connections to and from the synth?

how do you have the audio I/O routed to cubase or your audio interface and what are you using for routing audio in and out of cubase?

what computer are you using ?

FWIW if you put your system specs in your signature it helps ( lots of users don’t but you can avoid lots of typing and delays in getting help from other users if you list it in your profile)

Yeah, don’t start spending money now, external instrument is a nice feature that can save you some time, but there’s nothing it can do you can’t do without it (other than total recall maybe, not even sure if it does that.) You can still control the mm6 from midi and control cubase and plugins from the mm6 with midi.

Well thanks everyone. Yes I am able to all that you say but really the one thing I wanted to do was never have to use vsti’s anymore. The MM6 has some beautifull voices. Well it is what it is and I will either upgrade this or go with Sonar X1. Live and learn. Thank you ALL for the reply’s it means a lot to me.


But you can use the MM6’s voices in cubase! Just hook up the audio outputs of your mm6 to the inputs on your audio interface and hit record!

Yes that works perfect and I can record MIDI and have it play back using the MM6’s voices and even render that to audio but I cant load up a multi track MIDI and use the MM6 to render it to audio, I have to use VSTi. I will go to 6 if I have to, it’s all good. Thanks for the kind help… hey, if this was easy everyone could and would be doing it right ?