Finally managed to unblock sound card

I don’t know if this may be of any interest to anybody, but in the last four weeks during which I’ve been exploring Dorico I’ve been troubled by the fact that Dorico seemed to block my sound card in the sense that I would have no sound when I tried to play audio or video while Dorico was opened. At first, I thought I could influence this with the option “Suspend audio device in background” in Preferences, but that didn’t help. Today, I decided to give it another try. In Preferences > General > Play I clicked on Audio Device Setup and subsequently on Device Control Panel which opened the control panel of my ASIO Driver. On top, under Card Options, I unticked the option “Allow ASIO host application to take exclusive control of selected port configuration” after which I closed and reopened both Dorico and my audio player, and finally I could listen to my audio player while Dorico is opened. Perhaps this may seem like an open door to some (or many) of you, but so far I never had this problem with Sibelius while the mentioned option was ticked, so I didn’t expect I had to change a setting in my ASIO Driver to get the same behaviour when using Dorico. Anyway, problem solved, which means I now have the possibility to check an audio file while I’m working on a transcription in Dorico.



Sorry to hear that it took so long time for you to figure it out, but you also could have asked or searched the forum, as this issue has been already asked several times before.

I was having the same problem and had already given up. Must have missed all those threads.

This one caught my attention - so thank you for solving my problem :slight_smile:

The fact that it took me a relatively long time to figure this out is rather coincidental, and due to a combination of circumstances. Though I’m spending a lot of time getting to know Dorico, up until now I didn’t manage to address this problem properly. Apart from that, I’m also a little bit hesitant to ask questions before I took the time to search the forum. And searching the forum for this subject isn’t easy, because words like ‘sound’ and ‘audio’ generate a message that these words are too common. It’s only now, when I know that I have to look for ‘ASIO Driver’ that I’m able to find the first thread about this subject, which is a relatively recent one:

Anyway, I’m happy to have been able to help at least one person, apart from myself :smiley:



Welcome to the forum, Stefaan, and don’t be too afraid when we ask you (kindly) to search the forum. We know how difficult it is to find the information here, even with the search the forum field, and the aim here is really that we users help each others when we can, and have a very reliable information directly from Daniel or his fellow developers. So do not hesitate to ask questions when you do not find the answer after searching the forum for a couple of minutes !

There is a help centre article on this:

I’ve also added a link to this from the FAQ:

Thanks for the info Paul!

Thanks for your kind words Marc, and sorry for my late reply!