Finally... start to finish, without a single crash.

After using Cubase since the early Atari days, I have just finished a heavy project, start to finish, without a single crash. This really is a first for me. I feel as though we have finally arrived!

Thanks Steinberg!

Congrats! :slight_smile:

doesn’t surprise me.
It’s named mac for a reason. :mrgreen:
anyway… congrats !

kind regards,

Surprised me! Been using Macs for 8 years now!

Or maybe that’s why he couldn’t finish his projects all these years :laughing:


God, I’m so envious of you right now. I got big problems, got 3 computers set up for testing/experimenting here, 5 people involved for a week, comparing all kinds of DAWs and trying to REALLY find exactly why Cubase won’t work well for larger projects on any of the three computers. We’re way off of the regular map already. I just refuse to give up on Cubase.

Not surprised to hear it’s a first for you. I just hope it will be a first for me/us too soon.

Me too here…Just finished a project with no issues what so ever. Removed some offending plugins from another company but my UAD stuff worked flawlessly


i don’t think that’s happened to me since tracker days.

Until the next update that is :wink:

Same here , running very well here :wink:

How do you get it? :astonished:
Hum… Some voodoo?! :sunglasses:

Haha! Well, I worked on Windows for about 10 years before moving to Mac. Never again :wink:

and FWIW: I’ll probably join the mac club once microsoft starts with it’s subscription model for it’s OS.
and I will take into account that mac’s are crashing a lot. :slight_smile:


Now, can we all just clone your setup, please? :smiley:

I had this happen once, too, for a brief period where everything aligned (one month, maybe two). Everything was so stable, I just couldn’t make it break (and I tried).

Unfortunately, I didn’t complete the project during that window. And this was before my “keep 3 recent, bootable images, always” mandate.

I’m curious to know if you’re offloading all your virtual instrument via VE Pro?

If not 100%, what percentage, about?

Do you use a lot of stock plugins for FX?

Reason I ask is that I’m reconfiguring my system to offload the VSTis, not with VE Pro, but just DIY using hardware, and am hoping part of the success equation might be “offloading”; and/or, using stock FX as much as possible.


For the project in question only 1 instrument running in VEP (32-bit). The rest running in Cubase: Omnisphere 2, Massive, Battery, Zebra, Diva, Bazille, Hive, UAD-2 maxed out, Soundtoys, Waves, Fabfilter, etc.

I hardly touch the stock plug-ins.

From your experience of changing OS - regardless of whatever facts or stuff you may have/claim - would you say it feels like the change in OS was the most accrediting factor successfully completing your large project?

(not starting a flame war, just interested in how it ‘feels’ to him)

Just finished a 24/96k project and no problems what so ever here either .

I don’t remember having many problems at all though over the past number of years regarding stability.

All on windows machines.


I have never had stability issues…ever. Maybe I just got lucky.

My first version of Cubase was in 1996. But I have always made sure my PC was built for Audio and have always kept it off line. (not that keeping it off line these days makes much difference.) I have purchased a couple PC from PC Audio Labs over the last 12 years. My current PC, an i7 is working wonderful with 4 video monitors and Cubase8 Wavelab8.5.

So, I think it’s important you build the PC for audio computing.

I’m very curious, if you don’t mind sharing… do you have a mostly audio workflow? Or do you use mostly virtual instruments?

What’s the ratio, about?

Also, mostly stock plugins, or mostly 3rd party?

I’m seriously considering cutting my 3rd party plugin usage in half (or more).

But it sounds like Steve managed to get a stable configuration, with 3rd party plugins, on a large, real-world project (on Mac), so it’s at least possible.

Cubase did seem to perform snappier on PC when I switched away from Mac a few years ago, but I think that’s changed.

I’m even noticing a sluggish “flash of white” redraw issue in Cubase dialogs since 8.0.20 (and it’s not the known Waves flash-of-white GUI issue).

It might be time to revisit switching back (again, again) to Mac (not at all trying to start a platform debate here).