Finally started mic'ing my guitar amp

…and boy do I like the sound. :smiley:

Only bad thing is that the place has to be empty of others in order for me to record without a) disturbing them and b) wanting to smack them for making noise that gets picked up on the mic. :mrgreen:

I’m using an AKG dynamic mic (forgot the model offhand) about 4" off center of my Fender Hotrod Deluxe III. I’m still using stock tubes.

New rock song will be forthcoming as soon as I get a set of base tracks that I like well enough to hand off to Glyn. :smiley:

Sweet! :sunglasses: you’ve been converted!

Try to add a second Mic. Preferably something completely different, like a ribbon Mic. Them mix and EQ them together or Pan them wide, for some extra sound possibilities. Great fun :slight_smile:

You can get interesting results mic’ing the back of an open back guitar amp (just be sure to flip the phase on that channel if also mic’ing the front of the speaker).

Hey Larry, if you’re close miking the cabinet, consider goboing it off if the surrounding environment is noisy.

if you’re interested in actually using this box, MDF is cheaper than plywood, cuts and glues nicely, has greater density and for the insulation, I have used something called Roxul RHT 80. It comes as a 2’x4’ x2" thick panel of rigid insulation that comes 6 panels to a box. Cuts quickly with a Sheetrock knife.

Yup, mdf is good too, just don’t get it wet. It blisters badly with moisture, so use coasters when setting drinks on it! It is also very dusty, so wear a mask when cutting it.

Owens corning 703 works well to as an alternative to rockwool. If you order 703, get it half faced. It makes it super easy to mount it to mdf or plywood using upholstery spray glue.

Oh, and I use a bread knife to cut either material, not the mdf mind you.

Well the only reason why the place has to be empty is that the dynamic mic isn’t as sensitive as, say, a condenser. So to really get the sound I want, I have to turn the amp up. It’s the volume of the amp that is my concern as it pertains to anyone else in the house.

ISO cab it is then. Keep . Eye on eBay for EV PL9s. Those mics are bloody awesome for close micing cabinets and if you can find one, they are cheap too.

Will do. In the meantime, if work ever slows down for me I’ll retrack this rock song I’ve been working on (which prompted this thread) so that you can hear what I’ve managed to accomplish with this setup.

My accomplice in Nashville is of the opinion that direct injected signal is the only way to go. I like the wide open sound myself, not just a little air in the recording but an amp that is “sweating”. My old 4x12 cabinet had two different pairs of 12" speakers in it just for that reason. You could get a broader range of sound using speakers that were sympathetic to differing frequencies making the mic choice and placement mean something. It blew the mind of an engineer until I explained what was going on. Then he dug it!

Well, to each their own! :slight_smile:

I 90% of the time catch the direct In addition to mics on the cab. You can make all sorts of filling effects off the di to compliment the mix. That’s is what I mainly use the d.I. for. I will say though using a great d.I. makes a huuuuuuuge difference.

I started close micing my Peavey Classic 30 with an SM57 and placing an AT2020 a couple of feet back and above to mix in some of the air. Pretty happy with the results. Playing a hollow body archtop with a floating humbucker these days. Using low gain tubes and a hemp cone speaker for my attempt at classic jazz. Cheap Chinese laminate Washburn J600, hundred dollar Benedetto pickup, low end mics. Budget hobby. Great fun.

Here’s a rough mix of the song.

The lead guitar needs to be cleaned up.

Glyn is going to do the vocals.

I like the direction this song is headed.

Rising from the Ashes

I like it!

Thanks! It needs some work still, but I’m going to wait until I get the final vocal track.

2013 PRS Custom SE 24
1987 JB Player solid body w/EMG Selects (one rhythm track and the lead)
Both guitars are played through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III with a Dunlop Crybaby and MXR Carbon Copy on the lead
2004 Fender Jazz bass
Jamstix 3.5 + Battery 3 for drums
Neumann TLM103

The bass and vocals were recorded through a MindPrint EnVoice MKII tube pre/compressor

Significantly tweaked the mix in anticipation of the vocals. Much better balance now.

Nice recording Larry… I love the entire style. This is my era …ROCK! Congratulations I look forward to hearing it when your finished with it.