Finally upgraded from C7 to C8

After having had to work with a buggy C7 for almost two years I have now tried the C8 trial for 20 hours and found that it runs much smoother, no F3-crashes (so far), no hanging on quit, no slow mediabay indexing. The new features are great, but it’s really the loss of all those bugs and problems that makes me happy.

Now I’m looking forward to use stuff like ‘render in place’, ’ Quadra Fuzz v2’ and ‘VCA faders’ on a daily basis.

The only annoying thing I have spottet so far: when I click on the time line and keep holding the mouse button down so I can zoom in or out by dragging up or down. If I don’t do this exactly up or down the mouse marker will drift off to the left or right in relation to the player marker, which makes it hard to navigate the project. This is a bummer. Hope it will be fixed at some point.

But all in all I’m happy with it.

(Win 8.1.)