Finally, Waves 9!

Waves 9 with 64 bit support was re today!

Yep, finally no more bridging!

Was just talking about it last night,… finally!! :slight_smile:

And no more iLOK. Bit convoluted initially to upgrade my licences but they seem to work as plug-ins with Audition. Now! The big one! Will they work with Cubase? Here goes. Deep breath!

Same here. Just downloading now… Am hopeful though.

Does somebody here installed it yet on OSX?

Hopefully this will be sort of a turning point and the rest of the holdouts will follow. There are still a bunch of big names not playing 64 bit ball yet.


My list of excuses for not upgrading to 64-bit/W7/C6/new PC/etc… is getting shorter and shorter :imp:

You can wave bye bye to a few bob when you get round to that :laughing:

I’m really dissapointed that Waves V9 is Windows 7 only.

I have too much hardware and software that will not work on Windows 7, so despite having a valid Waves Update plan - I cannot update.

Unless the Waves Windows 7 requirement is the same as Steinberg’s Windows 7 only, in which case it will work on XP, but as you have to unregister V8 first, it’s a gamble I doubt anyone can take.

Super cool! I have been waiting to switch to W7 also, so here I go.

But tell me, how are the plugins working now that they are 64 bit?