Finally Works. (Another Fix for connection Issues)

I bought the app a week ago, never worked. i tried EVERYTHING suggested on this forum numerous times. Nothing worked.

I reformatted my entire computer and re-installed everything… nothing.

Here’s what i learned. If you can get the “Remote” itunes app (the one that lets you control your itunes library) to work, you can get Cubase IC to work.

My computer is Ethernet connected to my wifi router, my ipad is obviously connected via WiFi.

anyhow, MY issue was fixed when i “Authorized” my computer in itunes. In itunes 11, click the little box in the top right corner. goto itunes store, then click Authorize This Computer.

instantly i was finally able to connect with Itunes remote. I popped open cubase, loaded cubase IC Pro and BINGO.

now i ‘thought’ i had my computer authorized before i reformated, but i can’t confirm that. I don’t use itunes to purchase ANYTHING on my computer so its very possible that it wasn’t. Either way, after a week of headache its finally working.


Thank you so much for sharing this information with us.

So you’re saying you need to open iTunes, go to the iTunes Store and then there’s a clickable button somewhere named “Authorize with computer” right?
I could not find this button on my iTunes here I guess it disappears once you’ve authorized it but would you remember where this button was approximately on the screen?


This solution seems weird to me. When you ‘authorize’ iTunes you are authorizing the use of your Paypal account for a payment of a purchase from the iTunes Store. See? So this seems a bit crazy that by authorizing your Paypal to iTunes you can suddenly use your iPad for Cubase control.

What you probably did was ‘allow’ your iPad to be used for a remote to your iTunes library. And here you would turn on iTunes, plug in your device and follow the path to sync the library to your device.

I can do this in my network - and sync up to the library, but only when iTunes is on. And note, that iTunes is NOT on my recording computer, ONLY BONJOUR, but that my recording computer is on the network. So basically here I am saying I am very sure I do not want iTunes to be running on my recording computer when I am recording. Which means I can only imagine the issues you might have recording while you have iTunes turned on. So… Q: now that you have set the iPad to access the iTunes library, and here you think this has caused iC Pro to function, do you need to have iTunes turned on to have control of Cubase? If you don’t, then I would think you have found some other fix. Do you have to turn iTunes on to use your Cubase?

Well, getting back to your original post, I think you said your recording computer was connected via Ethernet cable to your network router? Here, if you have created a home network that allows devices to communicate with your PC, then the iC Pro should work - if you have Bonjour installed. I just don’t understand what you mean when you say ‘authorize’ and particularly via iTunes. In fact, I thought I was pretty clear that you DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL ITUNES to make use of the Bonjour connection software. Steinberg, is this incorrect?


To be able to run iC Pro you only need the Bonjour service.
On Windows, this service is automatically installed when you install iTunes but it can also be downloaded and installed separately without anything else.


Thanks, Armand. I thought I had it correctly.