Finaly a good proper windows 11 local account

if i type

when i install without LAN and i type shift F10 and typ the script in its way beter then obee\bypassnro that just bypass network.

and when that is done i install LAN WHQO driver restart and then windows and update everything and start install restart on every driver ect.
Serial IO
VGA WHQO driver
my audiointerface driver not the motherboard. then graficdriver
RSI driver
GNA driver
DTT driver
Update VGA driver to the latest driver
Update to the latest LAN driver
Update bios if i need
and install ME updatetool

it just work and the pc feels tigher and more snappy. and i gett all my ssd to go att its max. and Cubase with Absolut 6 opens in 3-4 sec. and loding time and other stuff is better. dont know thy but it works on asus z790-A Wifi. after that i just go in with my account and update everything from microsoft store and logg out agen.
And the DCP i fix in bios to disable alot lite usb ports i dont need and hyperthreading and make all current to be att high and stable i can so the cpu dont go over 80 c. disable c state and stepp ye all the normal.

WHQI driver, and then Bios if i need and then ME tools


efter det gå in på localgroup, you dont want to use this coz its the group that give you privilage to your user dont instal anything here . google ho to hide localgroup in the regedit fimd the right folder make a new word 32 and name it hide sonthing google:) and typ 1 in the box" hide one account, restart windows, and remove the password on local group account. restart and log in to your user account like tou always name “Cubase”:wink: install amd tjen uninstall everything you dont need, everything in order and make windows instal everything it want. i restart after every update so the bios and windows get more optimise. when done, do the same in regedit that you did on group account hot one i think så you get real admin local user account. have your hello with 4 digits on.go in to windows system driver optimiser in controllpanel tje blue flag and system and run. and when its done restart. i do this 3 times, restart after its dont on every time. and some new stuff come from windows update. make a systemrestore point windows ok and date.

after clean up with the tool in system to remove poopies. open run and run %temp% to and restart. trim all drives. and now the most importat for me atleast. DISM SFC IN THE RIGHT ORDER. go to your country windows and find installation tool to download amd start install clean windows copy on usb. restart login to yout cunase account open cmd in admin mode and just typ to type sfc/scannow, you are going to get an error as usual. so this it the way.

copy and paste

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

when done copy paste

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

when done copy paste

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
Just wait for it to finish.

use offline image the usb you did open isb go in to source amd click on file size tje file tjat is around 3-4gb is the orginal sustwm file “install.” tje ending can be other tjen .esd. type in the endimg you have and the right letter that you have on your pc mine is :I: ams your is maby another like :E:. but we use D here for the sake. and tje ending you se on your install file type that in. copy it amd paste in to cmd. let i work untill its done.
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:D:\Sources\install.esd

to disable windows update in the scan add (/LimitAccess) i dont use this after install but can be good.

now you can run SFC

to just verify run copy paste in to cmd
sfc /verifyonly

to fix run copy and paste in to cmd. when done do i one more time
SFC /scannow
SFC /scannow

type exit

amd restart

i do this in cmd windows/system32. if it say user. type cd… 2 times to get to C: amd then type cd wimdows amd then cd system32 amd then start DISM command.

after restart i do system optimiser agen. it optimese the windows drivers. clean restart. make a systemrestorepoint call it windows OK


install steinberg download assistant

when done fix all keys in tje new licenser restart put in the usb when pc boot
open the normal licenser and fix licenser to cunase site.

open download manager set where the downloads will go. install all amd open cubase close and restart.

open library amd set where to install. close. open download manager install Absolute if you have this or other stuff. when done, open cubase close and restart.

go in to C: amd type in tje box .vstsound wait set so you can se what folder it is in. dubble klick ome one .vatsound that have more then 1 kb. when done. cloce and restart.

open cubase and mediabay. scan. and go to vat soumd open and scan disk on every singel library, some get red some optimise other thing.

when done restart amd make a systemrestore point.

and the last thing that you can do now or before installing cubase is to make a create recovery drive on a ready formatted usb stick…

done trim disks. it works for me and its fast as hell amd snappy. amd a good ground to stand on. before instaling 3 parts. amd no meed to make a clean install for a long time :slight_smile:

correct me if im wrong