Find a VST in Cubase?

I have Cubase 7.5 and the new Komplete 10 Ultimate. How do I find the Komplete Kontrol as a VST in Project-Add track-Instrument? It’s not there. How do I get the dog chase the log? Can I ask Cubase to search for it? Can the problem be in the Kontrol area? I have the Kontrol S-series 49 - so I can use the transport from the keyboard. Yours Hans.

The better question is where did you have the Kontakt installer put the Komplete Kontrol dll? When I did the install it put it in a directory like /programfiles/NativeInstrumets/Komplete/64bit/xxx.dll and I had to manually copy it to a directory where Cubase monitors for VSTi.

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JM is right, it did the same with me, had to manually copy the dll files into the Steinberg VST directory I use. I think it comes from the “default” behaviour of the NI installers, I’ve got used to it now and always check where the installer wants to install the VST’s themselves

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Alternatively you could create a plugin path to the Native Instrument folder where the dll file is.
Devices/Plugin Information > Add a Path. I have had the same problem with Komplete so there were a lot of dll’s in that folder.