Find Expression Map Articulation / Select Track / Trigger Articulation

Just like our current “Find channel / track floating window” it would be great to have a special window (better a window that stays permanently open) that you can open and search for all Expression Map Articulations.
If you type “cresc OR swell” for example in that window, it would also support boolean search like the media bay.
Cubase would then filter and show all the tracks in a list that contain crescendos OR swells as an Expression Map Articulation. It would then allow you to click through the tracks on this list, jumping to the corresponding track in the Arrangement window and automatically triggering the expression map artiuclation. That way you could easily search, listen and play through all the articulations from your keyboard and find the one in a second, rather than endlessly looking for the right track/articulation combination for “hours”…
Any thoughts or votes for this would be appreciated.
Thanks, lokotus