Find Marker (a search option)

Would it be possible to implement a marker search option? It would allow us to type a word (location, number etc) into a search window in the Marker window or a floating window. It would behave similarly to the Key commands search option, where it will jump to the next key command/marker after you press enter (or click the magnifier).
This would certainly speed up my workflow when editing ambiences/backgrounds for film/tv as sometimes locations have the same sounds attached to them (backgrounds from a city or a roomtone for example).

ps. I’m a former PT user and this was half implemented (search by number), the marker window in Nuendo deserves a search option imho.
ps2. if I ask to much question, let me know.

It would be nice, in the mean time you can accomplish it already using the Project Logical Editor. But its not a search utility so it is not quite the same, but it does work.

Thanks Erik! I didn’t know of the project logical editor (only knew the midi logical editor… which is similar).
It’s not perfect but it does work ok-ish. The biggest thing missing is that it only selects the marker on the timeline but doesn’t go to the next markers with the same word in it. So I have to zoom out and then zoom in to the upcoming marker location. Or maybe I’m missing something?

However a marker search field in the marker window (or separate) would be much more convenient. Because in the marker window it will directly scroll to the location in the markerlist.

Agreed. Using the PLE for this is a pretty limited workaround.