Find new directory: VST Instruments

I have just bought a new SSD HDD.
I have moved Halion Sonic SE to this drive using Steinberg Library Manager.
But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to tell Dorico to look for the VST’s on this new location.
And I’ve tried the help files. I can’t find nothing about what to do if you have changed the locations of your VST’s.

Well, with the Steinberg Library Manager you can only move the sound files around, but not the VST plug-ins as such. VST3 plug-ins and especially HALion Sonic SE need to be in certain, specified locations. So if you have moved HALion Sonic SE around by yourself, then please put it back to where it was before.
A little different are older VST2 plug-ins. They can be virtually anywhere, but then you need to tell Dorico the search path, where to look for them. You do that in the Dorico Preferences dialogue under the VST tab.

Thank you for your answer, Ulf.
At this point though, I think a fresh install is necessary. I really messed things up today.

You are welcome. Let me know if you run into trouble, I can help you out again.

Hey Ulf.
Fresh install of Halion Sonic SE done. Now I just need Dorico to find them.

Never mind. I did a reset of the playback template. Now everything works. :slight_smile:



Perhaps some aid to the others who have a slighly different issue - a subproblem or the original:
*I have a mid-level laptop that has i5 Processor, as much RAM as realistically can be stuffed into an hp Machine’s case (I didn’t personally build this machine - it runs Windows 10/11).
Part of the relevance to the OP’s query is that of having a primary “C-drive” which is SSD and thus small in volume. It is enough to accomodate by far the program, but I am a research scientist as well, as have to keep enormous 100gB data of neuroscience mRNA expression, etc. on that SSD drive for security reasons of compliance to the providers of the literature (I don’t have a Ph.D. yet have been actively publishing in categorical/monoidal-varietal [co]algebra for two years despite autodidactic due to Illness and Pensioner Status making working a risk should your disability prove too intrusive for full time, say Adjunct Prof with ‘post-doc’ allowance (a 36 hour per week job).

So naturally, that takes priority as I don’t work on campuses nor am I associated with an institution other than broad “mathematicians” organizations like AMA, MAA, etc. I won my research support from the federal government for four years so it is important I comply with their openness policy (to make sure the expensive books and journal articles aren’t leaked out of my collection to the hypothetical dude cooking drugs down the street).

So naturally, I purchased, and just to be balanced one hard drive auxilliary “E” which is a “plate hard drive” (spinning disk type) and one is “G” a very large capactiy 1tB SSD. I also have noticed that I can install the programs below, which I had purchased with much pain financially (USA diability pension is cruel in its austerity:

  1. Halion Sonic 3 (not the free Sonic 3 SE)
  2. Cubase 6.5 “middle tier” {Artist Series I believe}
  3. Dorico 3.5x OR/(AND?)4.0y: Some times it lets me install 4.0 and then disappears despite seeing it in the “F” and “E” drives along iwht the others! In fact the "C:" drive is, being the Windows Default drive, must (per fiat Microsoft) have all json and mentioned scientific side applications (Papers-Readcube : where I have a cloud access to my backed up - this time successfully in F and E drives both - key 33,000-34,000 journal articles and books (nearly 500 gB).
    Thank you for helping
    *I have well awareness that some of these programs may be well “expired” or whatever the term is for software update debugging when clashing with contemporanous Windows. That’s not a problem, as I had it work an another almost identical machine that simply died from over use- but that is what happens when one is low-income and has a desire to live life even with neurological disorders and muscular/Periphernal Nerve pain and Beta-Thasselmea intermedia, all which when combined with SARS-CoV-2 w/t, Alpha, and Omicron 1, left me nearly completely bedridden from March 2020 through early 2022’s February, which then brought other iatrogenic problems that gave me epileptiform dangers until September of the currrent year. So yes, I have “legitamate reasons for my need to have some help 'putting all my software in a way that is capable of using the otherwise working Elisencer (updated asap…every time I turn the comp on.)” Plus the disabling and yes, risk of death in the aforementioned conditions prohibiting me from “getting on to updating and making sure or A, B, C, and D.”

Thank You. Remember, I need the software and VST stuff coupled with my identification on one of these E:, F:, G:\ drives (or whichever two is it - one is a recover drive for Windows too haha), but can’t fit on C:\ which is “used CANONICALLY” should you.

Evan O’Caernaigh
Michigan (state), United States of America

Sorry to hear of your struggles, Evan. I’m not completely sure what Dorico-related problem you’re having, but if there’s something specific I can help you with, please let me know.