Find peak level of among multiple files

Is there a way to find the peak level of a group of files?

More specifically, I need to raise the level of many tracks all by the same amount—something the Meta Leveler is designed to do—but I need to find that specific amount. Without such a function I’d have to get the peak level for each of about 100 files, which would be very tedious manually.

This is something the Meta Normalizer used to do. My understanding of the new Loudness Meta Normalizer is that it will make all files sound the same in terms of loudness, which is exactly what I don’t want. (Otherwise the soft, slow movement will sound as loud as the fast and loud movement, and the result will sound completely unnatural.)

I just need to normalize a group of tracks as though they were a single virtual track. The operation would need to get the peak level and then normalize all tracks accordingly, so that the exact same amount of gain is applied to each file but all files will still have a different peak value.

Did you try the meta leveller plugin in the batch processor?

Hi Philippe,

Yes, I mentioned it in my post but hadn’t realized that the Meta Leveler is essentially the new Meta Normalizer. Since then I realized I was confused about the instructions but that it indeed performs this task.

It looks like the new meta normalizing method is to set the Meta Leveler to an arbitrarily high gain such as +32 dB, then just let it calculate, and on the second pass it will set the gain to whatever it needs to in order to achieve the desired peak value (e.g., -1 dB).

Perhaps the help file could be updated, or there could be an option in the UI that makes this clear? In any case, thanks for the suggestion and I’m glad that this important function is still available.

Kind regards,