find projects that use a particular vst plugin

I’m about to clean up an old machine running cubase 6.5 32-bit (Windows 7), and start over with a new one running cubase 10. As part of the process, I’d like to clean up (or not bother to transfer) as many old VST plugins as possible. Is there a way, without opening up each project and looking, to scan through a whole bunch of cpr files and determine if some particular plugin is used, maybe keying on the name of the plugin file?

And a related question, is there a way to catalog all the plugins that a given cpr file uses, again without having to open up the project itself?

If nothing else, I’m thinking of installing something with unix tools like cygwin or mobaxterm and doing a recursive search running a (strings | grep), but just wanted to know if a tool already existed in the cubase world.

This old thread: mentions “plugview”, but the link there is dead. There are a number of other “plugview” projects out in the wild, but it’s not clear which, if any, are legit, and some/most/(all?) of them seem pretty old (but then, so is C6.5). Does anyone have any positive experiences with any of that software? I wonder if the custom grep command is really the best approach in the end. As long as the “strings” command on the cpr file actually returns something reasonable to work with…