Find Tempo in video question

Does the Find Tempo option in Video help to land a hit point in the video on a strong beat or does it only find a good tempo for the score start? I played around with it, but it seems only to adjust the starting tempo of the score, and not adjust the tempo during the score to land markers on a strong beat.

I understand from John’s comment on facebook that Find Tempo only changes the start tempo of the score, but then what is the idea behind selecting more markers? Wouldn’t changing the starting tempo un-sync other markers that also need to be on a hit point? I watched the video but don’t understand this function very well. Maybe someone can explain it to me?

The chart shows by how much the starting (suggested) tempo options miss other hit points. That should allow one manually to adjust the tempo slightly if exact hits are needed.

Ah OK, now I get it, so it’s more to find a general average tempo that suites the most important (checked) markers?