Find the bar in Cubase that corresponds to bar in score

How do I quickly locate my DAW to a particular spot in the Score (Sheet Music)?

When the conductor says, “Go to measure 55, the second time through…” I would like a way to get there quickly.

If he says “Go to measure 55” – that’s easy. I just go to bar 55 in my DAW.

But if there is a repeat sign in the music at the end of bar 100, and it says to go back to bar 10 to start the repeat, my bar 101 will be “measure 10, the second time through” in the sheet music.

I have my DAW set up in bars and beats. And at the correct tempo (that’s the easy part).

I could print the score and get a pencil and write in new measure numbers that correspond to the measure numbers in Cubase… but that’s a lot of trouble. Is there an easier way?

Maybe you could use the Arranger to implement the repeats, then your bar numbers would match? But when locating you’d have to select the repeat number in the arranger to make sure it started on the 2nd repeat of the section at bar 55 for example.


I would simply add a marker track and name the markers in a way that makes sense to you, then I would use the marker nav commands and “step bar” and “step back bar” commands to navigate.

Then, leave the marker window open during rehearsals, you can click to move the playhead, and you can also set up

In my experience using the Arranger track will only complicate matters.