Find the first note

I’m working on a large orchestral score, which has a large number of random instruments that only play a few notes, usually towards the end of the flow.

I want to use Manual Staff Visibility to hide the empty staves; but I want to make sure I don’t want to hide actual notes, by adding a “Reset” break first.

So, I’m after a way to “go to” the first/next note, bypassing all the rests. Any thoughts?

Could these random instruments be held by separate players to anything else, thereby allowing you to make use of the automatic hide empty staves for the layout, while setting all other players to be excluded from hide empty staves?

IIRC Lock Duration, after it has entered the final note of a passage, will skip to the first note of that instrument’s next entry.

Not the ideal tool to use for navigation, but it’s there.

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