Find Track/Channel Question

Is there some preference setting that you can use to keep all of the sub-folders open, so that you don’t have to keep opening them just to find a track? It’s NOT at all efficient to have to scroll down to a folder for guitars, then open that folder and scroll some more just to find the guitar you wanted. You might as well have just used the mouse.

Is there any way to make that process of directly finding a track faster? Can I, at least, leave the folders open so that I can scroll directly to the track I want? :question:

I don’t quite get this…
For me at least I could leave the folder open if I wanted to.
But I prefer screen real estate, so I just close them.

Track Find.jpg

Awesome !
Thanks Keyplayer for the question and Fredo for the answer.

So many features I ignore… :blush:

I know you can open all the folders. What I want to know is if there is a way to leave them open? Every time I close the window and re-open it, all of the folders are closed again. Then I have to re-open before I can start the scroll search.

Better still is there a macro I could write to open the find track window > open the folders > allow me to scroll with the trackball ring? That would work great! Is that doable?

Just tried writing the macro. The only one that worked was the Ctrl + F command for “Find Track/Channel.” The toggle folders command didn’t work. What I NEED is an “Expand Tree” command to open the folders inside the submenu. Without the macro, track scrolling via the MC Control or just the cursor via the track ball is still faster. Any ideas?