Find Tracks - strange result

Hello All,

Try to make my first “big” Orchestral template with Cubase 10. (don’t laugh :blush: )

Lost a lot of time to understand the correct Kontakt multi output setting. (don’t laugh too ! :blush: ) and now I would like to be sure of my process as I plan to have around 150 tracks.
I’m sure I will use a lot the “Find Track” search function, so I decided to make a small test…and… :imp: :unamused:

One Kontakt instance with :
Instrument track --> Vln 1 long (channel 1 / output 1&2)
Midi track --> Vln 1 Stacc (channel 2 / output 3&4)
Midi track–> Vln 1 Pizz (channel 3 / output 5/6)

Now, If I search for Vln, the result shows a “volume” entry.
Seems to be the automation line of the instrument track…
It appear once the Output is activated in Instrument rack.

Is it possible to hide ? or maybe i’m totally wrong in my method ?

Thanks all and take care!

(if an Admin can delete… found my mistake. Bad interpretation of instrument track and rack instrument)