Find / unfreeze all frozen tracks?

I’m working on a very large project, and I had to freeze a few instrument and audio tracks to make it play back correctly. However now I want to make some edits to the arrangement (cutting out bars, moving sections to different places, etc) and I discovered that frozen tracks are all locked in time! So I now have to manually scroll through my tracks (well over 500) and manually deselect all my frozen tracks so I can edit them, and then re-freeze them so the project will playback. This is frustrating / time consuming to say the least!

Is there any sort of options or methods to make this process easier? I was hoping to at least be able to “show only frozen tracks” as a visibility agent, but that doesn’t seem to be possible?

Logical editor…? Property is set, then action: hide track disable (and an action to hide the other tracks)

This is one of the big thorns in my side in Cubase. There is no way to deal with the Freeze function in the Logical Editor or in Key Commands.

I swear it’s the only function in the whole DAW that you can only access by pressing the button on the track itself.

So to answer your question, sorry no. You have to do it the long way.

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