Find unnessesary accidentals?

Is there any function (filter?) to find/select unneeded extra accidentals?

Define “unneeded”! You could:

  1. Select All.
  2. Edit > Filter > Notes and Chords.
    (3. Edit > Filter > Deselect Only then Edit > Filter > Tuplets. This will be necessary if your flow contains any tuplets.)
  3. Switch off the “Accidental” property. This will reset all accidentals to defaults.

If you don’t like the defaults, go to Notation Options > Accidentals and change them.

Unneeded as in one you accidentally toggled by hand… e.g. a C# (with no preceding Cnat or Cflat) in A Major.

I assumed correctly, in that case. That’s precisely what the steps above do :slight_smile: