Find used Cubase version

Hi y’all!
I have a few questions that might also interest other CB users.

  1. Is there a way to find out in what Cubase version a project ‘once’ was made, without having to first open the project? I ask this because in the past decade I made hundreds of CB projects (CB versions 6-10) that do not show in which CB version they were made. I should have named the version # in the project names itself, but I didn’t. Instead I named them in the format recordingdate-title-artist. But such a project may have been made during a period where I switched from one CB version to a newer one. Opening such a project now, always means a surprise if all VST’s, FX and virtual instruments that were used in the project will load when I open such a project. Sometimes certain effects were not (yet) available in the days I made that project, but that stays unknown until the project is opened. For instance the presence (or absence) of ‘Reverb-A’ and ‘Reverb-B’ plugs are good examples of that. If I open a project in a certain CB version, I often get a warning that the plugin is missing (unless I by luck open the project in the right CB version). But more in general: Were the FX, virtual instruments and VST’s that I used at the time of making of the project, even already available?
    That leads to my next question:

  2. Is there an overview available anywhere that lists all the available original Cubase FX, VST’s and Virtual Instruments per CB version? So far, I couldn’t find it anywhere…

It would be a HUGE help if any ‘tool’ or otherwise would be available to simply check the used CB version!
Greetings from a otherwise very happy Cubase user!

If you’re feeling adventurous you can open a copy of the the project .cpr file in a text/hex editor (I use PSPad).

The version it was saved in is near the beginning of the file.

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Yes, the Media Bay can do that for you. Navigate to the Project using the Media Bay File Browser and select the Project File. The Attribute Inspector will show you the last version the Project was saved as. This may or may not be the same as the version it was initially created with. But it’s what the Project is now.

I’ve never heard of anything like that and doubt it exists.

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Oh, yeah. Of course! d’oh.

Hi Steve,
That works and is really a huge help!
This will at least show me in what version the project was saved ‘once’ / the last time!
Unfortunately is doesn’t show in what version the project was originally made).
Thank you very much!

Hi Reno,
Thank you!
I started Cubase 10 and opened the Media Bay (without opening a project). Unfortunately I can not find a way to select and add the folder (D:/) where all my CB projects are stored, even after selecting the media type 'Projects" in the top of the Media Bay window. It now only shows the .CPR files with preset / templates that Cubase offers me to choose from if I start a new project. But opening a .CPR file in Notepad.exe does show the CB version a project was last saved in (Steve’s earlier suggestion).

Is it my strange way of thinking that the overview I asked about would be quite easy for Steinberg to make and provide somewhere? You guess there is any point in asking Steinberg? If so, do you know where to post or mail such a question?

It sounds like you don’t have the File Browser set to be visible. You also need to mark the checkbox to tell MediaBay to scan the folder.

There is a fair amount of Cubase history here, including when many features were added.

I did all that, but still my projects disc/folder do not show up in the left pane…