Finder creates a dialog box when I launch dorico vst problems

Every time I launch Dorico I get this warning.

Melodyne 5.1.1 (b 003) has encountered a problem that prevents it from loading properly.

Please contact Celemony Software GmbH for further assistance.

Logic and ableton do not do this. How can stop dorico from doing this?

With all due respect, why don’t you do what the prompt is advising you to do? (I didn’t mean that to sound rude, I’m sorry)

Has it ever worked for you and is now not working anymore?

This could be because newer macOs requires each app to gain access to various folders. If you didn’t grant that permission or skipped one of the many macOs popups (like “Dorico is requesting access to a Removable Volume. Ok?”) then maybe Dorico is blocked from accessing the VST properly. I am just guessing based on similar experience. So the solution to that would be to go into…something… and specifically add access to whatever Drive or Folder that VST resides in.

When strictly interpreting the message, then it says that Melodyne itself has encountered a problem, not Dorico. So consequently I would follow the advice and get in touch with Celemony. And if they might say that it is a Dorico problem, then they contact us in turn again.

I managed to fix it with celemony’s help. Turns out there was a rouge copy of Melodyne VST3 in folder that dorico didn’t like. It would be really nice to be able to launch dorico with all plugins disabled.

I kind of assumed it was a dorico problem because I wasn’t getting this error message with any other program that uses VSTs