Finder Preview is wacko

I exported a flow and in Finder Preview, it looks like it exported all the flows. They are all visible in that file in the Preview window. However, if you open the file, only the flow I exported is there.

Do you know about this?

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I assume you’re talking about Quick Look. Are you sure you did that with the exported PDF and not the Dorico file?

I was looking at the window to the right that shows in Finder when I click on the file. (Not pdf)


Yes … As of v.4 Dorico stores a PDF of the entire current layout in the file itself – not based on the flow or page range you last printed. This is handy for reviewing files but does take up more disk space. You can turn this off individually if you want in the Project Info dialog. See the User Guide.

Edit: Rereading the first post, I finally get what you meant. The preview of the single exported flow shows all the flows? I guess then Dorico didn’t bother regenerating a new embedded PDF for the export. That does seem odd.

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Yes, that’s right: when you export flows from a project, Dorico doesn’t update the saved preview image at that point. When you next save that project itself, it is updated then.