Finder shortcut

Justin, you posted some shortcuts previously and one in particular I was looking for.
The one that enables the finder to automatically expand to the widest filename in the list.
I looked through your shortcut list and I couldn’t find it…
I would appreciate it if you can post that one again.

I use Path Finder so that I can have it automatically size the columns to show the full file name, bring back the old color coding style, and other things:

I wish it transferred to using the native MacOS file browser in WaveLab but at least you have it when navigating files outside of WaveLab.

I used to use a finder extension that installed in a way that worked within the native Mac Finder but it stopped working a few MacOS versions ago because of all the Apple security stuff.

Path Finder took a little getting used to (and configuration) but now I’m very used to it and it would be a bummer to not have it.

I have a list of extra things I use that you might see in my livestreams over on this page:

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