Finding and removing expired licenses

When I start Cubase 12, I get a window that says

  • HALion Sonic Common Presets Content
  • HALion Common Presets Content

could not be loaded because the licenses are missing or time-expired. Okay, so as I understand it (via the “More details” button), I’m supposed to go to Steinberg Library Manager and remove those libraries. But when I go to SLM and search for those contents, nothing comes up. I have no idea which libraries to remove. What’s going on and how do I fix this?

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 20.07.07


Keep HALion Sonic SE and remove HALion Sonic and HALion, please.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak - in Library Manager I see the following HALion libraries (not counting the SE ones):

  • HALion 4 Factory Content
  • HALion Sonic 2 Combis
  • HALion Sonic Factory Content
  • HALion Symphonic Orchestra

Should I remove them all?


If you don’t own these licenses, yes remove them, please.


Thanks, I removed them all but I’m still getting a warning about “HALion Sonic Common Presets Content” and I don’t see any non-HALion SE libraries enabled in Library Manager.


Could you try to locate the HALion Sonic *.vstsound files manually, please? They are named with HS, not HSSE.