Finding ez drummer in cubase 10 elements

I know how to set the path for cubase to find ez drummer.its C:\Program files(86x) ECT…yada yada yada.i also know how to go to ez drummer stand alone,then go to the “help” section I think and find the exact location of where ez drummer is so that I can type the exact location so that cubase can find ez drummer.ok I have done all this and rescanned for vst plugins but cubase will not find ez drummer, even after typing the exact location, and almost seems incompatible or there is something I’m just simply missing.

Hi and welcome,

Isn’t the plug-in Blocklisted?

Try adding an instrument track and selecting EZ Drummer from that drop-down. EZ Drummer doesn’t show up as a VST.

Project -> Add Track -> Instrument


Please, double-check the plug-in is not blacklisted in the Studio > VST Plug-in Manager > Blocklist

Local Disk(C:)>Program Files>Common Files>VST3>Toontrack

Then just let Cubase Scan this folder/path

This is what works in Pro version