finding files after folder name change

I started a project and imported a lot of audio files and now need to change name of folder I originated the project in. I’m afraid if I do that, it will cause wave lab to lose the all the paths to the folders containing audio, etc. Is there a way to repoint to the newly named file folder without having to reload each audio file? (on mac)

Yes, you can manually point WaveLab to the correct file if the folder name should change. It will prompt you when you open the montage.

I have found that if the .mon and the files are in the same folder, you can change the name and there will be no problem.

I believe that once you show it where one file is with the new folder name, it will intelligently find the rest if they are that same folder but I’d have to try it myself to confirm that.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot then

I had a similar problem last weekend. I was working on a lot of files on my work drive and everything was going smoothly and then I had to burn some word files to a CD. I am on Windows so I do what I normally do to burn a CD. After that every time I wanted to do anything in WL it defaulted to my burn folder on my C drive. I got out of WL, restarted my computer but WL kept defaulting to the burn folder. I finally got it all sorted out but what a mess. I guess I should have closed down WL before I did the burn of a CD in Windows.