Finding HIGH CPU-usage plugins?

How do I locate VST plugins that is pushing up my CPU usage? I’m currently running at 75%

unfortunately you must do it manually. open the CPU meter (press F12) and disable plugins 1 by 1 to see which plugins makes the biggest difference

Could quantity of VST’s play a role because the average total latency per track is between 5 and 30 max on some channels

Are you using any Acustica Audio plugins by any chance , or a real Cpu killer from Steinberg is there own Delay plugin , the multi comp and envelop shaper can as so be a little heavy on on slower Cpu’s

everything plays a role. you could have 1 vsti but a lot of midi notes. that would increase CPU usage. the latency pr channel is dependent on which plugins you use (and sometimes which mode you run your plugins)

If you have a channel that has a few resource hungry plugins, that might ramp up the performance meter, even if all other channels are emtpy or have only few plugins on them.
Also, if you have record enabled on a channel say with a compute intensive instrument, that puts it into the realtime path and will peak the performance meter.
High latency doesn’t necessarily correlate with high cpu usage, but it can be an indicator.

Ableton has a really nifty meter on every track, aside from the main overall CPU meter. If stuff starts to overload, you can open the mixer and look at each individual tracks load and figure out where the problem is pretty easy…

Haven’t needed it in Cubase so far, but would be a nice thing to implement… Just sayin…

Maybe one day (in a decade or so…) Steinberg could add a CPU load window to each used plugin when you click “Plug-in information” in Devices.

It currently tells you how many instances of a plugin you are using (useful) and the latency of the plugin (also useful).

It’s disappointing that some of the highest latency plugins are Steinberg’s own!

the mixer can show the latency pr channel

You can use the channel latency display to help point you in the right direction. If you don’t see Channel Latency on the mix console, you will need to go to the “Set up Window Layout” button to enable it. Then you can see which channels have high latency - most likely caused by a plug in. For example, Steinberg’s Frequency adds about 22ms of latency in my system. Once you see a high latency channel, just swap the plugins out one by one until you find the offender.


Latency did not give me any good indication. I just disabled FX one by one and found a Fabfilter Saturn instance added 25% to my CPU…

What about High Cpu consuming Zero Latency Plugins ?