Finding length of section in seconds/mins


I have a section in my session which I need to know the exact length of (in seconds or minutes). What’s the best way to do this?

Is there any way to just put the markers around the section and have it tell me? That would be fantastic if so.

Using cubase 10.5.
I don’t want to change the ruler to Seconds because there’s multiple sections/cues and also because they don’t start right at the beginning.

Please help and thank you!

  • Click on the ‘Setup Toolbar’ button (last button on the right of the toolbar).
  • Tick ‘Locator Range Duration’. The Locator Range duration box appears on the toolbar.
  • On the transport panel, select ‘seconds’ as primary time format.
  • Make a range selection, or select the events in question and press ‘P’ to set the locators to the selection… or double-click on a cycle marker.

The length of the selection appears in the ‘location range duration’ value field.

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I wish Steinberg would make this visible in the markers window in the ‘length’ category. Right now, I don’t see any values in there