Finding major problems with 9.5.30?

Hey gang,

Is anyone finding issues with the 9.5.30 update?

So far my issues are:

  • Hanging and never recovering when loading channels

  • Spontaneously quitting when saving work: Reason being ‘Freeing already free’d pointer’’

  • Making a corrupt BAK file

  • Making a corrupt -01 CRP file

  • Claiming the backup file that Cubase made was made using ‘Cubase 1.X’

Is there an update for the update imminent?
Does anyone one if can just install the old update over this one, will it roll back?

I am using OS X 10.9.4


Officially Cubase 9.5 supports macOS 10.11 and higher.

Please try Cubase Safe Start Mode or trash Cubase preferences.

Virtual Keyboard still not working.


Could you be more specific, please? It works to me, here.

I am not the only one with the problem. When I use Virtual Keyboard and press buttons, sound comes out, but I get no visual feedback what buttons I am pressing. It is annoying problem since I use Virtual Keyboard a lot. I have already reset my presets as Steinberg support suggested me to do, no help. At some point it just stopped working correctly.


Thank you for the specification.

I cannot confirm this:

Virtual Keyboard still not working.

But I can confirm, there is no visual feedback on the Virtual Keyboard. Reported to Steinberg.

Thank you for trying it out and thanks for reporting to Steinberg! :slight_smile:

FWIW I found Cubase would only crash during launch after updating to 9.5.30.

The Apple crash report pointed to Cubase and a few Apple com. files as the start of the problem which in turn caused a knock on effect with some of my plugins that I only use in the Control Room panel.

I removed the offending plugins but that didn’t help so I copied the preference files to my desktop as a backup then deleted the originals - Cubase booted recreating default preference files and has been pretty solid since.

Having to recreate preferences is both annoying & tedious so I have dragged a few of the main preferences from the originals backup as I come across the need for them and so far everything is OK.

Not sure it will help in your case but it might be worth a try - you can always put the original prefs back in a few seconds.

Here’s the Steinberg help video on deleting/replacing preferences


Could you share the crash file, please?

since updating to cubase elements 9.5.30, i’ve had HUGE problems with a maxed out average audio processing load and massive pops and crackles.

I am having the problem with crashing when saving and then the Project gets corrupted.
Getting the project was made was made using ‘Cubase 1.X’ as reported above.

Will try trashing prefs.
It MIGHT only be happening when I have VST instruments loaded up.
Not VSTi related.
When I first got the 9.5 update, I created an empty template with my connections set up.
Creating a new project with that Template causes a crash when I try to save.
I just made a new Template and it seems OK.

SKETCHY…as a corrupt project just cost me an hour of work that I was luckily able to recover from


Do you have the latest update (9.5.30) installed?

I do.
I (think) I trashed the Prefs and created a new Template and it is working fine right now.
I also opened a project created in 9 and it has been OK.

I’m watching it to see if something specific causes it.
I am doing a bunch of experimentation right now where if I get a crash, it won’t ruin my day.
So I plan to test a lot that way

Any updates to Virtual Keyboard? Still not working.